Our primary business areas are air- and sea freight and road transport, logistics solutions we believe in maintaining close communications with our customers at all times, and we tailor our services to meet our customers' specific requirements.
Our air and ocean freight forwarding services bring those parts together to make managing your supply chain more simple. We can also manage the transportation details - such as shipment booking, carrier routing, tariffs, and customs requirements - that cut into precious time and resources that can be better spent on your core business.
Airfreight Services
We arrange airfreight shipments worldwide through our agreements with the leading carriers. We meet our customers' needs for transit time and space.

We arrange airfreight shipments worldwide through our agreements with the leading carriers. We meet our customers' needs for transit time and space.

Our Airfreight Services

  • Scheduled services
  • First flight out services
  • Full load airfreight units
  • Consolidations
  • Warehousing
  • Domestic distribution
  • Customs clearance and document handling
  • Combined air- and seafreight services

  • Our Service Options

    you can specify your pick-up and delivery requirements to each specific shipment and/or consolidation, such as:
  • Door-to-door
  • Port-to-port
  • Door-to-port
  • Port-to-door

Through global agreements with leading carriers we offer competitive rates, a multitude of destinations, a comprehensive fleet of equipment and advantageous transport solutions.

Our Sea freight Services

  • Full container load (FCL) services
  • Less than container load (LCL) services
  • Non-containerised load/special equipment
  • Consolidation handling
  • Warehousing
  • Packing and loading
  • Receipt and put-away
  • Order pick and pack
  • Dispatching and stock control

Atlas International Logistic Service is a Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) issuing Bill of Lading (B/L) under the name DSV Ocean Transport. We work with the finest alliances and shipping lines to ensure you the best price and transit-time.

The challenges of global logistics are to achieve reliability, speed and cost-effectiveness. Success requires tightly managed work processes, comprehensive systems, reliable distribution, dedicated warehousing and a global network.

Logistics Services

  • Distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Domestic distribution
  • Customs clearance and document handling
  • Combined air- and seafreight services

  • Our Service Options

    you can specify your pick-up and delivery requirements to each specific shipment and/or consolidation, such as:
  • Door-to-door
  • Port-to-port
  • Door-to-port
  • Port-to-door

We offer transparency and responsive logistics solutions. We are committed to creating added value for our customers through tailor-made supply chain services.

Transport Services


  • In the past few years especially after Globalization, the globe we know has changed! It turned to be smaller, borderless and 24/7 busy with trade crossing skies, oceans and seas. As a result & same as the trade, pure business cultures & methods travelled along creating new needs associated with complementing methods & practices
  • Knowing the history of trade across the Middle East & the Mediterranean from & to Asia and other ancient continents, and knowing the fact that 80% of the global trade is carried by sea, we can realize the rising opportunities Egypt is having in terms of globalization
  • In order to support the rapid pace of economic development many areas have to be reconstructed specially in the transportation sector, as the Egyptian transporters are suffering the inability to coupe with the newly obtained concepts like supply chain, logistics & the rising liabilities from handling the clients assist, yet they can not see the bigger picture
  • Having said so we can realize the market need for a new breed of transporters who is familiar with the current developments and have the capability of adapting the related developed practices

Atlas International Logistic Service differentiators

- Liability Insurance: Atlas International Logistic Service is quite aware of our liabilities rising from handling our clients goods
- On going Supplier evaluation: Atlas International Logistic Service developed practices involves supplier evaluation as an on going process, we operate our suppliers under obliging contracts assuring discipline and safe handling
- Solid Domestic network: Atlas International Logistic Service operates through and extended network covering PSD port, PSD east, DMT port as well as SOK port. All our employees and affiliates are well selected after checking their professional back ground
- Follow-up & 24/7 accessibility: Atlas International Logistic Service is a 24/7 operation service, accessible at all time through a well designed escalation list
- Personal Touch: Atlas International Logistic Service founders are keen to materialize their diversified expertise in order to offer the local market a different level of awareness of all related aspects to the industry

Atlas International Logistic Service Services (regular services)

- Dry container moves: We offer our clients dry container moves from most o all Egyptian ports up to various destinations in suitable rates, committed with the requested dates and deliver time
- Referred containers moves: We offer our clients refer container moves from Alexandria port up to various destinations, with or without generator sets
- Flat bed moves: We complement our package with general cargo moves for cement, steel, and any other general cargo packed in sling bags/jumbo bags
-Low bed moves: We are capable of handling all types of out gage shipments through our professional contracted suppliers from Alexandria port, and CAI airport up to various destination

(Special services)

- Risk management solutions:
- Contract design
- Contract review
- Insurance policies
- Compensation pursue
- General liability consultancy
- Litigation office follow-up

Fleet Management:

- Designing preferable routs
- Networking & operations
- Maintenance & asset evaluation
- Manning & management

Atlas International Logistic Service Vision

The local trucking market in Egypt is being challenged with the need of having professional transporters whom are aware of the current global and business cultural developments, in the same context there is a need for reputable transporters whom are capable of taking the current trucking practices to another level of RELIABILITY, COMMITMENT & CRAFTSMANSHIP, offering the domestic trucking market a different taste of trucking. This different taste will appear through materializing the owners diversified & long experience while handling client’s operations, assuring high level of order fulfillment as well as providing solutions & proactive approach while handling irregularities. We believe that we are our client partners, supporting their growth plans wherever & whenever needed through Atlas International Logistic Service extended domestic network

Atlas International Logistic Service Mission

Atlas International Logistic Service is a local trucking company which is established by a promising experienced team, determent to deliver the domestic trucking market higher levels of trust, discipline & efficiency. We believe that customer satisfaction is our growth engine which will be driving Atlas International Logistic Service towards achieving its own strategic plans

Atlas International Logistic Service Aim

Customs Clearance Services

We offer our clients all types of customs clearance in ALY Port, PSD port, PSD East, DMT port as well as SOK port Customs clearance can be handled for all shipments in connection with your transport. Our well educated staff has expertise in local conditions, rules and regulations. With this knowledge we take on the complete administration process smoothly and efficiently.

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